SEO Tactics From Semalt That Can Help You Regain Market Share And Capitalize Current Growing Opportunities

During such a time of crisis and uncertainty, we have to develop quick and effective strategies in order to survive. Here, we will be showing you how we can help your business and website discover lasting SEO advantage solutions based on your market position. 

Why is it important that we help you grow your business?

At such a time where the current worldwide pandemic has caused unprecedented challenges, you need all the help you can get. These challenges are so great that the hardship it has caused is still difficult to quantify.

Many commercial website operators and owners are dealing with existential worries. The ongoing limitations on the lives of people have a significant effect on consumer behavior, which impacts the trajectory of industries as a whole. 

At the same time, businesses have to deal with increasingly bottled-up consumer demands that can is satisfied temporarily. However, we see hope, and in the months to come, things will change. Thanks to the development of a vaccine and the population vaccination initiatives, we believe that our lives will return to normal in no time. 

For website operators, this opens up many opportunities. Whatever decision you take at this point is going to have lasting, consequences for the website's visibility in online search results. Regardless of how your online sales have been affected by the current situation, making the right decision at this point overrides the good or bad that may be the case of your site today. 

Here, we will be showing you how we can turn your unique circumstance into long-lasting SEO advantages. If you're having trouble with your website as it experiences a significant loss in organic traffic, we will be showing you how we can rectify that right here. 

SEO Tactics for sustaining and building on growing scales

Both businesses and entertainment streaming that operate online retains are two branches of business that are most likely experiencing an unexpected boom in sales. Frequently, there are shifts in users' needs, which correlates with an increase in demand, but even the most normal or favorable circumstances shouldn't be expected. 

As website managers who happen to find a website in this enviable position of untold success, we are careful to anticipate the next phases. Eventually, consumers are bound to revert to their habits before the Coronavirus pandemic. It is our job to ensure that the expected reduction in user demand does not have to translate into a decline in sales. We discover the hidden opportunities which we can discover using the abundantly available data at our disposal. Using that data allows us to carve out a larger market share for the future, ensuring you (our client) keeps on riding that wave of success. 

Record server logs

Recording your server log data is critical in our effort to make this dream a reality. These server logs are generated when users or search engine bots request a page. 

By analyzing complete, and unprocessed web server logs over an extended period, we can generate priceless insight into your website's performance. The server logs analysis is used to uncover dangerous contents that may have been introduced by a malicious third party. Doing that will help us guard against incorrect server responses like 404 errors, when left untreated, can cause your website to lose its rank in organic ranking. 

Recording the server logs also help give more data which we use to identify spider traps, identify spider traps and provide insights into how we should prioritize our crawl budget which provides potentially critical information on re-crawl cycle timelines. That can range from several months to over a year, which makes them very extensive. 

We can use specialized tools to provide actionable results which are best applied as part of a technical SEO audit. Some examples of these tools are Screaming Frog and Splunk. These tools provide compelling audits which cover an exhaustive range of relevant SEO signals, including user experience, canonicals, content signals, internal linking structure, hreflang annotations, structured data, mobile-friendliness, XML sitemaps, SERP representation, and backlink quality. 


While your brand isn't a ranking factor for many search engines, your branding is important to your website because it impacts your CTR, which is critical to your SEO success. Paring high brand recognition with ongoing quality-driven snippet optimization will result in better CTRs. 

This is why having sky-high exposure puts you at a unique advantage. You have an opportunity to imprint the brand on SERP readers and significantly improve your chances for users to demonstrate a preference for your brand when it's competing for traffic on SERPs. 

Google, in particular, shows preferences in rankings to websites which usually influences the choice of users. To expand your branding efforts, we advise that you engage in social media outreaches, advertising both on- and off- lines as a long-term strategy for market-leading websites. In addition, the current pandemic has had a negative effect on the advertising industry. At the moment, you are likely to get advertisement slots at a lower price. This temporary opportunity can be harnessed by small businesses to grow their brand recognition for a budget-friendly price. Remember that this opportunity is limited to this specific situation and bound to expire once the pandemic becomes history. 


Just as how branding impacts CTR, a page's performance is vital and influences users bounce rate as UX determines whether or not they check out another page. 

In a nutshell, the more users have to go back to the SERP to find another landing page that suits their needs, the lower the ranking of the webpage they just abandoned. That is why we try to manage users' expectations and deliver content to users as fast as possible. One tool we use is the Google Lighthouse. It stands out in all other performance testing tools as the most reliable. We get useful data on a lot of KPIs, including the Largest Contentful Paint and the Time to Interactive, both of which are fundamental.  We also analyze other SEO KPI metrics which can help determine a website's rank, so we know what to do when a website losses ranking.

The faster a website loads, the better:

We conduct a technical SEO audit to provide specific and actionable plans on how to improve a website's performance. One essential factor to a fast website is hosting or cloud computing services. It is also important that you service remains responsive so frequent bot crawls can occur without difficulties. 

We would love to recommend some hosting services that we believe do amazing work, but since we haven't used all hosting services, that might be seen as unfair. However, you can contact our customer service team, and they will recommend some services depending on your needs and budget. 

Hosting a web service with a great server wouldn't directly boost your ranking. What it does is to improve your up-time, which helps bot crawling and fast-loading landing page to users. 

Site performance is one of the most important tactics on our radar because of how critical it is for both crawlings as well as its impact on user experience. Technology or infrastructure changes, if handled poorly, tend to have long-lasting consequences, which can be costly. 

How Semalt can help your website recover from falling sales

For websites suffering poor search visibility and consequently sales loss, there is an urgent need for SEO help. But we guess you already know that. Some industries that have been hardest hit by the coronavirus are travel, tourism, and subscription membership businesses. 

The limitations placed on users make it difficult for certain needs to be satisfied. As a result, consumers have stopped searching to book plane tickets or make reservations at restaurants. This is obviously bad, but could there be an opportunity lurking in the shadows? 

There is a way we can revolutionize your online platform without putting your business at risk of losing existing customers or displeasing your target audience. Major initiatives such as content and domain migration are one path to take. Transitioning to PWA or an entirely new tech stack, CMS change, scrubbing legacy backlinks profiles, boosting page performance, etc., are some tricky options. Using these methods hardly ever go as planned and can be shelved for as long as possible to avoid its inherent risks. 

Considering that there is no traffic coming to the site currently, these risks are opportunities in disguise. Now, you can prepare for the spending frenzy when the pandemic is over. If your website rankings are falling as a result of the pandemic, you are actually in a winning position.


Semalt can work on all the lacking areas on your website and ensure it is in peak condition. This would help you in the short term to gain some traffic during the pandemic, but the full effect of this development will be fest post-pandemic. At that point, your website is golden, and your target audience will be rushing to catch up on all they have missed.

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